Hannah Starkey

Last year Mack Books and Tate Modern bookshop hosted a book launch for me. It can be quite an intense event, especially talking about my practice and the book to a full house. 

The staff from the bookshop were so reassuring and professional that the whole event went really well and I enjoyed it immensely. Because of the staff, I was able to deliver a good talk, full of insights and observations that came naturally to me in such a relaxed and assured atmosphere. I would say their sensitivity and respectfulness is invaluable to getting the best out of the artist and I would have been lesser without this. 


It's a job that's maybe a bit difficult to quantify but I really did feel I was with people who respected the artist and the institution of the Tate. They are front line and still they go above and beyond their curatorial counterparts.


TATE MODERN is a wonderful success story of bringing art to the people, and it's these people who we meet first. They are the public face of Tate Modern and deserve respect for the work they do let alone security in their jobs. 


I urge Tate Incorporated to reconsider the loss of such a valuable resource as good people. One special touch that they had was an understanding and complementary perspective on my work, they were well informed and cared, that for an artist is priceless.