Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Our little stall offering zines, prints and artworks made by staff and friends will be open again today outside Tate Modern Main Entrance as part of today’s protest from 11am-1pm. We ask for donations to the Tate United Strike Fund to help support us through the strike in exchange for some unique items and DIY publications.

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Friday 18th September: Day 30, Week 5 of Strike

Tate United PCS and ​Tate Commerce workers on strike are once again moving our protest from the front line to online. For Day 30, Week 5 of our legal strike action, we invite everyone to participate in our ​Digital Protest Day with a variety of online activities, livestream events and direct action to help support our ongoing campaign to #SaveTateJobs.

@Tate_United on Instagram

@Tate_United on Twitter

AgiTate on Facebook

Ways to participate throughout the day

● Tate United Digital Picket Line – Make a protest banner, sign or placard supporting Tate United and our ongoing strike campaign and post it with ​#TateDigitalProtest and tag ​@tate_united​ ​on Twitter or Instagram

● Tate United Email Template – Personalise our ​email template to tell Tate what you think about our Tate Commerce strike campaign to save 313 jobs in Tate Enterprises.

● Tate United Online Publication ​- Make a donation to ​our hardship fund and take a look at some of our member’s artwork in our ​online publication​: ‘Artists are Workers’

● Tate Striker’s Testimonials ​- On our 30th Day and 5th Week of Strike, some of our striking workers tell us why they’re still fighting. Like and share with #TateDigitalProtest ​and tag ​@tate_united ​on Twitter or Instagram.

● Tate Commerce Strike Fund – Contribute to ​our hardship fund for striking Tate Commerce workers who are missing out on pay to stand in solidarity with their colleagues. Every bit donated helps us to fight until we win.

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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Signatories call on organisation to use 10% of £7m government fund to stop redundancies

Full story at:

Read the letter and full list of signatories:

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