Bethany Hall

As a child who dreamed of being an artist, I went to the Tate and other galleries religiously growing up. I never dreamed that my work would one day be sold in their shops. It was the hard work of the Tate Commerce team, taking the initiative to sell independently published books and zines, that meant people like me could have a platform for our work. 


The hard work that goes into creating educational & well curated retail spaces seems to have gone unnoticed and unappreciated by Tate and will soon be apparent as so many of them will needlessly be let go. I stand in solidarity with those losing their jobs and on strike, many of whom are artists themselves. These redundancies could and should be avoided.


- Bethany Hall, author and illustrator of Cosmo Hotel



Representing PCS union members in Tate galleries, a member-led branch of PCS Culture Group, opposing job losses and fighting for the future of the staff at one of the United Kingdom's most iconic arts organisations.


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